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  • About Private Session there needs to be full disclosure about Tantra. Defining our Tantric Services. For that to be believable due to our conditioning you need to meet your Mentor Tasja J. Powersand how she uses her knowledge and her life experience in her life and the many clients over the years. Then and only are you prepared to listen and believe what is written so you can begin to live the life you can be proud of, a life you value. Tasja offers you empowerment through wisdom explored and personally experienced by you during your session that is gentle

  • About T.J. life enhancement training mentor. Apart from having her start in brutal environment (in the home and unforgiving elements of the country) in the most Northern part of China on the border of Mongolia where she was deeply influenced by the Mongolian Shamanic spiritual awareness of nature and her clients, she discovered that every human has the potential to connect to this wisdom nature of man. She was deeply involved in profound deep meditation that brought her to merging with the wisdom within her ancestral memory. As she applied that to her life with the help of spirit forces

  • Articles Animal is such a close relative that science uses them - there is much we can learn from animals and in Tasja's experience all we need to do is observe what they do right. A video of that is coming soon. in the meantime we wish to share this video below. This video touched our hearts But more than that - as we observing with honor, we begin to remember each other and how we are meant to be. Up close and personal as a community living and loving together. Laboratory monkeys were kept in apart separated by cages,

  • Business Relations and Personal Relationships. How they interlink in the body mind emotion and spirit. How that affects quality of your life. There is no point of bodywork without life purpose.

  • Coaching. The most devastating thing we do to ourselves is allowing situations that repress us to continue. "What you allow is what will continue.” Often we continue to remain in same circles. We continue to be nice to those people around us. When you do that you are actually disregarding yourself and dis-empowering the people around you. Most people repeat all positive quotes while they continue to allow the same crap to remain in their lives. You have become comfortable in your discomfort. Everything you do is actually uncomfortable habit that tries to fit in and conform to people around

  • Contact Us When you are ready to schedule your first experience of connecting to all your life and challenges. These pages shall prepare you;- About Your Therapist, then the Testimonials. This video helps you make sense of a new way of understanding Tantra and making sense of what people are saying within this site. Contact us for your 20 minuteFree Pre-Event, and Pre-Appointment Consultation. To include additional information please fill out the form below. It may take me a few days to respond. Response time is dependant on current appointments and pre appointments. Please be advised that limited appointments are

  • Courses What is important for each human being. Want to KNOW YOURSELF FIRST Most people live in fear of their inner unknown nature. They live in beliefs that have been downloaded from authority rather than inner knowing. If you just believe then you are at the mercy of those who know. KNOW YOURSELF FIRST. Key to knowing yourself is by accessing your natural intuition. Highly intuitive people live differently because they do different things. Albert Einstein referred to it as the "Sacred Gift". Steve Jobs is quoted as having said that intuition is far more powerful than intellect. Use your

  • Disconnection revealed as we delve deeper to how you use what you love. Here a man discovers that he never really connected to his greatest passion. He only used the elements. Watch as he describes what he thought to be his passion to be revealed the very thing that was being ignored.

  • Dispassionate Life Transformation when you feel you've lost the edge. When to recognise that something is missing. How do you find and answer when you don't know the question to ask. How to ideintify the feeling and link it to desired action that brings back passion to every area in life.

  • Embracing Pain Video. This takes you to connecting with your pain rather than telling the pain to soften or release it or whatever else you do to get rid of it. All these are forms of manipulation that results in inner conflict. In this video you hear me explain how to connect with pain and it's message.

  • Energy Source and what it able to do for you. How that works and what that feels like when you actually connect to the fact that it's there.

  • Event Details Tantric Living training Event the Key to Transmuting Sexual Energy for Success. Introduction to The Keys to connection events Held regularly, register your interest for the next event. Experience. Clarity in relationship with your own body Awaken senses to Love and passion. Never settle for the ordinary in your relationship again Learn to keep your relatiohship alive Explore your relationship with you Identify what is keeping you from truly enjoying life fully Tantra is the most powerful tool that all succesful people have access to even when they do not realise it. Tantra does not construct anything in

  • Events - Personal health - Business Success -- Relationships Success Turn your Fear into Power - we evolve into who we believe we are. Stress management Life Mastery Personal Success Mastery Private Retreats (contact us) Take the confusion out of what Tantra is. False beliefs (impressions programmed into our mind affects decision we make that eventually we often must live with for the rest of our life. Based on the choice we made we now must determine how we grow and appreciate our life inspite of our condition or because of our condition. )

  • How Altered states of consciousness - Consciously, is often reached. You experience altered states of consciousness, this means your intellect gets out of the way so you can have connection to your inner guidance intelligence. Hands on process through a medium we categorise as massage. The difference here is we connect the shaman way. This is a hands-on introductory process for beginners refined through many years of training, private tutorials and over experiences with over thirty thousand human encounters and personal therapies provided in US, Fiji, Australia. Also influenced by remarkable teachers explorers anthropologists, spiritual teachers and scientists. Perhaps one

  • Last Resort.

  • Linga Yoni forces coming together. Stonehenge is Linga & Yoni emitting sound and vibration. The linga and the yoni without exception coexist mutually. Linga and Yoni are present at all times on the level of yang and yin. The linga is combined with the yoni below it, the standing stone and the ring base, simulating union of male and female energies. Without the Yoni the Linga cannot stand. As they merge, they are felt as connection to electro-magnetic forces. Video is in the making please come back to this page soon, please read on. Also, the linga as it moves

  • Living Tantra for Business, Personal Health and Relationship Healing Begins When Time Stands Still. To accumulate mental energy it is essential we prepare completely to meet organic energy that brings quality of the mind and emotions that sees things through all the way to the end. This level of Tantra is dedicated to make this world a better place. A way to be of service to human kind that rewards us financially, emotionally and spiritually in this lifetime on this earth. Here we are working not with mental or physical energy. The energy we are working with is neither of

  • Master Mind Partnership is completely customised.

  • Mastermind exclusive is open to few select extraordinary people. People who are committed to their personal and professional achievements. You’ll implement specific strategies in these events to change every area of your life – your body, your relationships, your career, fitness and more. Take action For personal success within the intention of sharing what you have applied & proven that works for you with society. Personal awareness in every step you take is foundation of this course. You won't find this level of training anywhere. Learn to what nature has to say. Listen to animals, plants, ocean. Financial mastery is

  • Past Life terrors become Joy. This woman struggled all her life with her sexuality and pleasure with her husband. Physically she is perhaps one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. But when it comes to enjoying herself she was filled with terror. The traumas many men and women face are at all times sitting just beneath the surface. These feeling are often judged. It takes tremendous effort to continue to suppress them. Suppression drains our energy of life. Suppression turns into resistance thereby limiting quality of relationships. Fear and resistance affects the way we think and feel

  • Personal Power.

  • Relationship Intimacy with a couple. The most challenging aspect of life on earth is intimate relationships. Our couple here were at at point where marriage seemed over. People have no role models of levels of intimacy we are capable of living within. Neil was very concerned about his wife, this is part of their session.

  • Retreats details coming soon in the meantime contact us.

  • Secret Ancient Heart Soul Power Technology. People in these videos refer to a energy entering their body that is the pillar of light as most beautiful energy and foundation of Authentic Tantric University Tantra.

  • Secret to creating your desires. Connect to the secret to creating your desires beyond the five senses. Gain freedom from unconscious patterns. Know your free will. Develop tolerance to stress and pressures. Increase energy and vitality by not needing to suppress your true self development. Develop loving relationships. Release past traumas. Open ability to feel new feelings that replace fear and resistance. Become accepting of your new self. Stop self sabotage. Develop habits that make you feel good about you. Believe in yourself. For Woman; - Awaken your divine Feminine within you. For Man; - Awaken your divine Masculine within

  • Sexual Practice that comes from knowing who you are and being on your path. The most powerful path you can take is your personal path. Currently there are varieties of Tantric sexual practice that are de-volving people throughout the world. Most of the commercialized ones share similar points of distorted views and comparable physical techniques. (more details coming soon).

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  • Support Our work is specific and customised for each individual, business and/or relationship. These details coming soon. Please Note; We also work in collaboration with your professional who may be assisting you in working with your drug addiction, pain management, relationship coaching and business guidance. Health and nutrition combined with nature and movement is also at the very core of our work

  • Tantric Buzz and does it really work. Or is it just and adult service masquerading as therapy? This video sets this straight. Wisdom Healing - Frazer speaks aboutvalue of right choice Watch Video here. Results are unique to each individual. Specific results are as individual as the ocean waves. When we have a measure of comparison in the moment - truth opens up to serve you.

  • Tantric Sex is extension of most fulfilled life. Unfortunately this most important knowledge has been reduced to sexual techniques. This perpetuates ignorance, frustration and arrogance. When you master your life, sexual energy is free to express itself unrestrained by techniques. Techniques are impositions of other peoples ideas of what you should do with your life. It is a way of systems again controlling your life. Exposing the truth of romanticized tantra taught in most if not all Tantric Schools today. To learn true tantra one makes agreement with the tantric master committing themselves to honest self study for self realization

  • Tantric University vision is committed to empowering humanity. Dispelling myths about rules health wellness, relationships and all of your life. It's about living on track and on purpose. Refocusing thinking, getting rid of misconceptions and the lies we have been told about everything including Tantra. It is about your ability to have a deep connection to the truth, promoting consciousness through education that is verifiable through current science and Shamanic ancient wisdom. The greatest challenge in life is Figuring Out What I Want, not just going with the flow of majority! Exploring our inner essence is an adventure of self

  • Testimonials Below are a range of clients experiences, each unique because we are all different. Healing Birthing Trauma, pain leaving gently; we do not need trauma reaction realise. Connection merging is what matters. How we connect. Clarity and greater connection is the way to authentic expression. When we focus clearly we bring attention to what we want to achieve. After a long journey of physical healing it was time to address the disconnect of various parts of the body and that spirit part of me. Why this man started his journey now Watch secret to embracing pain here You want

  • Trainings & Courses. Understanding the relationship with what you love to do. In this video a trainee shares his love for water. What he finds fascinating is that he never really connected with water. He says he loves it but feeling is a living breathing being that it is he never considered until now. On this day as part of his Trainings & Courses we went to the Beach to connect with what he loves. This powerful setting revealed who he really is and how disconnected he really is while doing what he said he loves doing. "When you are

  • What I offer is taking you through feelings. These feelings of the adventure of The Secret of this Ancient Technology that I continue to live by. Access the secrets of living the life of YOUR Fulfilled Desires. This is for you if you have had enough of living life on unfulfilled desires. Unfulfilled desires are source of life of misery. Fulfilled desires are our source of joy. If you are serious about your life of fulfilled desires you must begin with the truth of where you are in your life right now. Stop the life of hallucinations, acting and pretending

  • Who The inspiration. If you have never been with a master, you are just REPEATING AND ASSUMING WHAT you may have read and heard somewhere. Here you access the key to who you are. Thorough your training I ensure that the confusion of what you have been lead to believe and what is your truth becomes clear. You begin your walk of your truth not mine or anyone else's. I am a guide your support as you travel though the vaults of memory and influence. In every way I support you in you first experience. That first experience accesses a

  • Why Freedom is freedom from dualities. Personal power is only available through seeking truth. There is a misconception that Tantra is all about sex. Focus on sex separates you from you degrading you and the therapist. Enter into personal power reached by touching who you are. My work developed from life experiences. There is no division between the higher and the lower, between the body, mind, spirit and the soul. There is no division between the spirit world, between you and I. My approach to life is not founded on anyone else's theory. I am only sharing the paths that

  • Wisdom Library Connections all your body elements begin with life. Unifying all elements of your entire life spectrum simultaneously. Experience what thousands of people from every walk of life have explored within themselves to feel more connected to their own lives. As a personalised element of our work we take into account. Wisdom Healing awakens full life awareness involving recognition of past and present relationships. When your body is balanced it receives as well as projects transmissions purely. You identify people who are not prepared to be unstuck. Also those who are not yet prepared but are reachable on a