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Animal is such a close relative that science uses them - there is much we can learn from animals and in Tasja's experience all we need to do is observe what they do right. A video of that is coming soon. in the meantime we wish to share this video below.


This video touched our hearts But more than that - as we observing with honor, we begin to remember each other and how we are meant to be. Up close and personal as a community living and loving together.

Laboratory monkeys  were kept in apart separated by cages, some for over 30years denied physical interaction. When released their pure instinct their DNA kicked in, their natural instinct of touch was almost immediate.

Their social structure was organic, all found their place within the group.

We humans currently live very much like they did while in the laboratory; separate, yet unaware that we are, we believe that technology keeps us connected.  To living, breathing, feeling beings technology does the exact opposite.

Technology is essential these days, we need to ensure it doesn't replace humans working and collaborating together.