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Tantric Sex is extension of most fulfilled life.

Tantric sex fallacyUnfortunately this most important knowledge has been reduced to sexual techniques. This perpetuates ignorance, frustration and arrogance.

When you master your life, sexual energy is free to express itself unrestrained by techniques.

Techniques are impositions of other peoples ideas of what you should do with your life. It is a way of systems again controlling your life.

Exposing the truth of romanticized tantra taught in most if not all Tantric Schools today. To learn true tantra one makes agreement with the tantric master committing themselves to honest self study for self realization for at least three years.

There are genuine Tantric Temples in India built by Tantric Students to Show What NOT TO DO.

In ignorance the people determined the message to be WHAT TO DO. Can you see how distorted human perception is?

The purpose of these temples was to depict the truth about all of life. These temples also exposed pedophilia and sexual abuse. They exposed the dark side of life.

They also represented the light of life. The carvings on the exterior also showed a way out of the struggle. the pillar of light that we all posses.