Tantric University for Business Health and Healing

Wisdom & Immortality Begin When Time Stops


Tantric University vision is committed to empowering humanity.

Dispelling myths about rules health wellness, relationships and all of your life. It's about living on track and on purpose. Refocusing thinking, getting rid of misconceptions and the lies we have been told about everything including Tantra.

It is about  your ability to have a deep connection to the truth, promoting consciousness through education that is verifiable through current science and Shamanic ancient wisdom.

The greatest challenge in life is Figuring Out What I Want, not just going with the flow of majority!

Exploring our inner essence is an adventure of self discovery; that part of us no one including us has ever travelled. The only way to know you, is to turn inward and expand from your center. Otherwise there are too many people involved in your life having their opinion telling you their truth they have come to believe from somebody else's idea of what life should be for you. Access your guru from inside of you as I did.