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Wisdom & Immortality Begin When Time Stops


Mastermind exclusive is open to few select extraordinary people.    

People who are committed to their personal and professional achievements.

You’ll implement specific strategies in these events to change every area of your life – your body, your relationships, your career, fitness and more.

Take action

For personal success within the intention of sharing what you have applied & proven that works for you with society. 

Personal awareness in every step you take is foundation of this course. You won't find this level of training anywhere. Learn to what nature has to say. Listen to animalsfiji, plants, ocean.

Financial mastery is essential element of this training.

Study Success

You'll benefit from TJ's knowledge. Here we have a background of experience in million dollar projects and project coordination. Deadlines shall be met. In doing so you'll discover your personal power through achieving your dream's and living the reality of your achievement.

When she broke her back in two places how she got out of bed, due to her condition it took 40minutes and searing pain. To get up then go to work. Know how she did it. What techniques she used and how she took care of herself. How she became key designer in a company that turned over millions of dollars per month of commissioned projects with absolutely no experience in the industry.

You can do this or anything you want if you want it enough.

When you find deep meaning in life, success is simple.

You can do what she did in your business. She'll guide you, support you, inspire you. 

The design business she was involved in had no floor traffic. It was closed to the public.  Just private contracts. We'll study how the design company secured projects.  What it took to deliver them on time every week. Every, day, every month. and Benefit from her personal time with Anthony Robbins. TJ was his personal guest arranged by Tony and his wife at his resort Namale. Breakfast lunch and dinner at Tony's personal table every day, walks with him on the island with just his core team, his wife and TJ. In total from memory 12 people. Snorkelling on his other private island and attending church service on the island were all included. Tony also shared his stage with her. Many other mentors have influenced TJ's outlook on life that she has never divulged til now.

Prepare for a remarkable life and personally fulfilling growth that supports you and those you love.

  • Spiritual       
  • Physically       
  • Financially       
  • Environmentally       
  • Personally       
  • Emotionally       
  • Mentally       
  • Priority is your desire to developing your natural capacity to work together.       
  • You are no longer divided when you have a core team that belongs together       

You'll be personally coached on how to connect with your body. When you are connected to all your elements then you can begin to really hear and appreciate each other. Then business is conducted in authenticity. We'll form creative partnerships with committed and creative people and business. As connection begins we work together as a team on your life and business plan.

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If you wish to be part of the core re-search and development team and are ready to be available to fully commit to yourself and to us - apply here. Contact Us