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Secret to creating your desires.

Connect to the secret to creating your desires beyond the five senses.

  1. Gain freedom from unconscious patterns.  
  2. Know your free will.  
  3. Develop tolerance to stress and pressures.  
  4. Increase energy and vitality by not needing to suppress your true self development.  
  5. Develop loving relationships.   
  6. Release past traumas.   
  7. Open ability to feel new feelings that replace fear and resistance.   
  8. Become accepting of your new self.  
  9. Stop self sabotage.   
  10. Develop habits that make you feel good about you.   
  11. Believe in yourself.  
  12. For Woman; - Awaken your divine Feminine within you.   
  13. For Man; - Awaken your divine Masculine within you.   
  14. Connect with the polar opposite within you.   
  15. Develop inquiring mind through raising your frequency.   
  16. Dedicate yourself to happiness.   
  17. Express your life in a healthy way.   
  18. Train to your higher vibration.   
  19. Raise your own frequency by being more conscious & aware.   
  20. Commit to your own personal happiness.   
  21. Uncover inner flow.  
  22. Learn how to apply your new knowledge in real life.  

Often we hear what we think we are hearing what is said. Yet, mostly what we are receiving is filtered through the restrictions of our body mind emotions that prevent access to our soul and spirit.

Through this process of Shamanic De-Armoring; vibrational energy opens communication by building a bridge between your pain and your joy. We begin to receive the world differently. This is the cosmic orgasm. The merging of all our physical senses with our spirit and our soul that clients describe. This process is one of merging with oneness of universal consciousness while being present in the body here and now. Now we hear, feel, see, sense the true message and begin to put new meaning to our relationship to this lifetime.