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Below are a range of clients experiences, each unique because we are all different. Healing Birthing Trauma, pain leaving gently; we do not need trauma reaction realise. Connection merging is what matters. How we connect.


Clarity and greater connection is the way to authentic expression. When we focus clearly we bring attention to what we want to achieve.


After a long journey of physical healing it was time to address the disconnect of various parts of the body and that spirit part of me.

Why this man started his journey now 
Watch secret to embracing pain here  

You want to understand the person.
It's not like a quick transaction, it makes you feel really special

I was searching & searching. You've have so much information on your website. You are more about helping people. and the phone call and talking. You want to understand the person.
It's not like a quick transaction. It makes you feel really special. All the other Tantra is m
echanical and doesn't feel right.

When I called, you gave me the time,

When I called, you gave me the time, I felt so special.

You are into the individual, and how all people are different. You consider what the person feels. Yours is not a set regime like everyone else has. There are others I've been to. They have a routine. There, you lay on the floor and follow verbal instruction. Here it's always something different. You work with what I'm feeling, and what you've experienced in your past. They don't do any of that, they just have a technique. Everywhere I've been they tell you how it should be there is no touching the soul. 

With you it felt like your soul is touching me. 

 Most of the time your were touching me when you were not touching me physically. I could still feel your touch . 
You've awakened all my Senses and I thank you for that.  

 Energy in the room  

 Leyla from UK Leyla feeling of Gratitude .      

 Susan from Gold Coast Susan feelings "energy light me up".   

Bazza Sydney NSW

Regaining Hearing after 55 years 

Have a listen to people from all over the world who have experienced Tantric University sessions.

Moe is marketing trainer (Moe travels the world contracted by companies to train their sales teams) from New York. He speaks about anaesthetic leaving his body. He was administered anaesthetic 18months ago. That remains within our system in the cells until we let go of the memory that remains within the cells. The experience he describes is result of massage he sought for a very tense body. When we have any residual prescription drugs or illicit drugs, the body cannot heal. He also boxes, as a result of boxing had his jaw dislocated twice and a broken nose. During hands on healing following massage, the body began to release from the cells, the memory of the anesthetic. Here is what he had to say  

Merging with universal energies 

This is what Tasja and & Chris felt in his Tantric massage session. 

Energy pulses   

"Misconceptions about Tantra"         

Experience THE SECRETS hidden deep within you that transformed my life and many clients.

Explore these pages that introduce you to Tantric University that is within each one of us. 

Phillip I feel more natural and more connected to my girlfriendI feel more mellowSince my training I am a lot more mellow, I always had a short fuse, now I feel more natural.

I am a lot less snappy both at work and at home. When I am with my girlfriend I feel butterflies in my stomach. I never felt that before. I love that. I asked my girlfriend if she felt these feelings. She says she now feels new sensations. We now have a deeper connection.I feel more mellow

I feel more mellowI made an appointment for shoulder pain I've had for last 4 half years. (I'd had acupuncture and regular massage that made no difference). In the first appointment pain disappeared. I booked just to heal my shoulder. We found the reason for the pain, once we connected with how that connected to my life, the painSatisfaction, Harmony, Resonance disappeared. The rest is a pleasant side affect.

Everything else was a welcome surprise.

-- -- PhillipI feel more mellow

Success Stories

Normally I experience pleasure but in my head

I feel more mellow John Continues; I have-not experienced this levelof connection anywhere else. I'm not only smiling on my face, but on every cell of my body, there is a harmony or resonance. Normally I could have the experience of Relaxation, Satisfaction, Sexual pleasure or Laughter, Pain or Hunger, but it was in my head.

Now I have more awareness of my body on a cellular level.   

 Flowing Like Water

Bruce Lee student talks about his experience at Tantric University flowing like the water  

 Bruce Lee student continues