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Why Freedom is freedom from dualities.

Personal power is only available through seeking truth. There is a mWhy freedomisconception that Tantra is all about sex. Focus on sex separates you from you degrading you and the therapist.

Enter into personal power reached by touching who you are.

My work developed from life experiences. There is no division between the higher and the lower, between the body, mind, spirit and the soul. There is no division between the spirit world, between you and I. My approach to life is not founded on anyone else's theory. I am only sharing the paths that I and my clients walked. What my clients friends and encounters with what we define as good and bad, right and wrong - these are all relative to our belief that are the result of your programming.


Know that all your thoughts are not your thoughts, they have been implanted by other people.

Enter into YOUR personal freedom


Knowing yourself is the foundation of Tantric University Framework personalised for you.