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Wisdom & Immortality Begin When Time Stops


Living Tantra for Business, Personal Health and Relationship Healing Begins When Time Stands Still.

To accumulate mental energy it is essential we prepare completely to meet organic energy that brings quality of the mind and emotions that sees things through all the way to the end. This level of Tantra is dedicated to make this world a better place. A way to be of service to human kind that rewards us financially, emotionally and spiritually in this lifetime on this earth.

Here we are working not with mental or physical energy. The energy we are working with is neither of these. We do include mental and physical energies as part of the whole. Mostly people are fragmented as Mental and Physical energies dominate our life. This creates disturbances and imbalances. When the division stops there is no hierarchy, therefore no competition in your body/mind.

We enter into stillness of no time. Only when time stops can we hear our inner wisdom. Let these links below speak for themselves. Don't try to make sense of the content, just allow the stories to flow over you and caress your soul body into connection.


Therapy & Body Work

Therapy & Bodywork

Emotional Challenges arise from being in the head. Here we stop time by giving your life space to present itself in non Judgmental way. This session is about Recognising changes. more...

To access your inner programming, we need to be still - inside every cell is original wisdom that you need to connect to.

Living Tantra - This mans Journey of Last Resort

Living Universe

To see in the dark we need light. To see in light of day, we need shade which is dark energy. Begin by connecting to original programming you reincarnated in. Your cells will never let you down. more...

This is just one of thousands of sessions I have personally facilitated.

Wisdom Library

Understanding Progress

We understand the unique nature of each human being. Everyone has their own challenges that need to be observed before we make any changes. Calmly intelligently. I walk with you as we are one, through your journey.

The awakening needs to be instantaneous. More...

Calm Cellular Energy that Heals

Living Tantra

Video of live therapy where you can see energy shift. more...

Two videos of two different people that takes you to direct experience with them.


Living Tantra Connects to Every Aspect of Life Including Business.

Living Tantra

With my extensive background in Business prior to entering into Tantra Healing Power I take you to a specific Business connection to bodywork and it's power. more... 

In Real Tantra we do not separate; we ensure you are present in every area of life.

Clear Confusion Misinterpretations of Tantra

Living Tantra

Personal empowerment begins with knowing truth and where to find it. Not all tantra are healing. Many take you off your path that target vulnerable people who desperately seek healing. Many current tantra make you a victim all over again. Listen to my student sharing his story here.

Couples Relationship Therapy.

Living Tantra for life

This is video one of this series. More... 

Getting Out of Conditioned Mind

Living Tantra  

Looking at truth session. Client getting out of the logical thinking that traps us.

Transforming dispassionate life that keeps us busy in our head. Emotional and mental issues are product of conditioned mind that can't let go. Listen to the letting go process. More...

Disconnection healing Journey

Living Tantra

Here we begin with nature of disconnect we live in and search to escape from restrictions of life. Here we take our client out in nature to experience connection to spirit of nature that links to us to help connect to essence of who you are to essence to universe of all there is. More...

Understanding Life and Quality Relationships

Living Tantra

Instant Realisation. Realisation is not a long drawn out process, it is instantaneous. You get to see your entire world clearly. As a fractured human we cannot imagine this. So please listen to this video.   More...


At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. 

-- -- Lao Tzu