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Wisdom & Immortality Begin When Time Stops


What I offer is taking you through feelings. These feelings of the adventure of The Secret of this Ancient Technology that I continue to live by.

Access the secrets of living the life of YOUR Fulfilled Desires.    

This is for you if you have had enough of living life on unfulfilled desires. Unfulfilled desires are source of life of misery. 

  • Fulfilled desires are our source of joy. 
  • If you are serious about your life of fulfilled desires you must begin with the truth of where you are in your life right now.  
  • Stop the life of hallucinations, acting and pretending  
  • Stop acting through life  
  • Know what you know through your own experience  
  • UnderĀ­standĀ­ when and where to focus your energy effectively. 
  • Say what you know through your own physical experience not through just mind tricks. 

You are ready for this Experience IF you've had enough of living with the Pain of Ignorance.

James describes Tantra connection withthe earth and his body that he felt during the session. PERSONAL POWER TANTRA that does not separate. Merge with universal energies

Truth is Your Power.

When we are honest with where we stand it is then that we can go beyond the guilt and failures that haunt and sabotage us. We are here to live all our desires. While everyone continues to seek just sex and sex techniques they remain frozen in fear and regret, WHILE HIDING sexual exploits under the pretence of spirituality.