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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein



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Wisdom Healing Connection to all your body elements begin by with life .

Unifying all elements of your entire life spectrum simultaneously.

The Experience what over thirty thousand people from every walk of life have explored within themselves to feel more connected to their own lives. As a personalised element of our work we take into account. Wisdom Healing awakens full life awareness involving recognition of past and present relationships. When your body is balanced it receives as well as projects transmissions purely. You identify people who are not prepared to be unstuck. Also those who are not yet prepared but are reachable on a new level of communication.

Learn techniques to access personal healing elements by listening to the wisdom in your cellular memory.

Rather than extracting past events we access wisdom healing elements that you are currently unaware of. You uncover ways to feel close to all beings without exception. When the imprints of some events not fully felt creates poisonous that leak toxins into your entire system. Mental physical and emotional problems arise from disconnect.. Living massage need not be physical touch. Physical touch is duality. Then this touch turns non-physical which is non-duality.

For growth and sustainable progress "It's essential to have both dual and non-dual experiences. This way you have distinction. You are directed through your transformation and transmutation.

Private Session.

Journey of the senses. Living cellular massage works by awakening latent wisdom in your cells and coding in your DNA. This connects Kundalini flow. 

The resistant blocks are accessed so the life-force energy can flow rather being forced into reaction or being trapped in your pelvic region. Your Kundalini is always struggling against your resistance. This feeling of pleasure energy expanding into the whole of the body that is different that it can be frightening. Because it is source energy that you come from but been divided against. This is where you need competent guidance of understanding it's direction. In every single person, the flow is different as Kundalini goes to work linking what was blocked or missing.
Journey of the senses turns into integration of your three levels.

Private Session/Advance Training/ Workshops/ Events/ Mentoring.

Very few people are taken on throughout the year in this manner, contact us for personalised assessment.

Tantric Events, Personal Coaching, Mentoring in the Key areas of Life that impact every aspect of our life. Key areas are; Passion & Love, Life Changes, Relationships. What does love for life have to do with Success? How to begin to heal your body. Life choices Business and Techniques and Approach to Success & how Love & Passion affect Business and Relationship Success that Tasja applies to her life and business.

Before you engage a coach it is absolutely essential that you know your coach has lived a full life filled with experiences of the wins and failures.

The coaching market is filled with people who have taken a course and without any life experience or understanding of the impact that teaching would have on their life and those of their students begin to teach techniques that cannot possibly have a positive effect on relationships or careers. Technique is just a theory, it does not apply to life until it is lived and proven to work.

"All Successful people have mentors. Ordinary people know it all."

-- -- TJ Powers

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I'm feeling your soul touching me, a lot of the time you are not even touching me touching me.
You've awakened all my Senses and I Soulthank you for that

  -- James 2011